Blyzkist group

The Blyzkist project is part of the public program accompanying this year’s edition of the WARSAW UNDER CONSTRUCTION festival. While preparing for the opening of the museum’s new building on Plac Defilad, the museum’s ultimate home, we turn to the Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking audience living in Poland—an audience who are far from their own home.

The name Blyzkist (from the Ukrainian for “closeness”) refers to community, being together, physically and emotionally. What is this community? Who belongs to it? Are we all part of it, regardless of class divisions, language barriers, or sexual orientation?

At a time when we must remember to maintain a safe distance from others, “closeness” takes on a new significance. We stick together, but at a distance. In the context of recent events on the Polish and international political arena, the need to come together, to unite in solidarity, concern and mutual support, is especially strong.