Black Is Polish group

Black Is Polish is a group established by Afro-Polish women activists and educators who during the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests publicized the experiences of Poles of African origin during Polish public debate.

Their efforts have resulted in a series of debates posted to YouTube on discrimination, and a petition to members of the Polish Language Council to amend the definition in the Polish dictionary of the word Murzyn (“Negro”) to recognize it as a pejorative term. During the festival the group will work with the Education Department of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw on a series of activities, workshops and tools for schools, parents, guardians and teachers, pursuing anti-violence and anti-racist themes taken up by these activists during the pandemic. One of the key initiatives will be work on a film about the intergenerational experience of Afro-Poles, created by Miłosz Hunzvi, Ogi Ugonoh and Magda Fountoukidis.