The work of Post Studio Noviki is a series of graphic designs operating in a hybrid way, both on urban advertising screens and online. The pieces echo the aesthetics of a public information campaign. They contest the tension between the changes brought about by new technologies and society’s increasing awareness of how they operate. 

Technologies are often non-obvious elements of global change. Graphic designs created for WARSAW UNDER CONSTRUCTION depict phenomena such as the sharing economy, data harvesting, infotainment, 5G, and neo(digital)shamanism. They reveal both their positive and negative effects. Technology accelerates civilizational changes, while revising the “rules of the game” in the contemporary world. This happens by introducing changes to our stereotypical ways of thinking. The series of works is an attempt to find the convergence of these processes,  helping us to better understand them. 

The moving designs are also informative, illuminating phenomena that many people have not knowingly encountered: for example innovative approaches to data such as social data silos. The traces we leave behind online become fodder for algorithms involved in machine learning processes and powering more or less well-thought-out artificial intelligence networks. In this food chain, we are closer to the role of suppliers than actual consumers. The rules we observe in nature do not apply here. In order to understand them, we need to apply different optics.

Post Studio Noviki


a duo creating an alternative framework for projects exploring visual arts and curatorial and exhibition practices using means of expression that are not typically associated with art. They work at the intersection of post-conceptualism and technology-based tools. Characteristically, they are open to exchange with other disciplines operating outside the official art market. They use various tools and media to create prints, videos and virtual images, participate in panel discussions, deliver lectures, curate exhibitions, and conduct workshops. Their work has been published in Idea MAg, ID Pure, Slanted, Pretty Ugly, Visual Rebellion in Design, Cultural Identities,  and others.

Rok powstania: 2020
digital print. Courtesy of the artists