The Observatory is a new sculptural installation by Golińska, located in the heart of the Something in Common exhibition. It comprises four step modules made of recycled plywood, together forming the shape of an elliptical auditorium. The installation is a reflection on the possibility of being together in a public space. As opposed to traditional auditorium structures (Greek theater, parliament, amphitheater) that expose and elevate the person or group in the center of the stage, Golińska re-orients the space outside its form and draws the users’ attention to their surroundings. Facing the outside of the observatory, the steps inspire reflection on various models of participation in public space, from passive relaxation to active observation of other users and artworks presented at the exhibition. The Observatory is a functional object and was designed with the intention of using it in various exhibition projects. 

Zuza Golińska


(b. 1990) – multidisciplinary artist whose work reflects on the influence of architecture and public space on the individual. The artist is interested in the question of how, in the face of civilizational acceleration and late capitalism, the psychology of space can influence human well-being and psychosomatic states. In her objects, Golińska often disrupts the strict separation between the functional and useful and the aesthetic, analysing the influence of spatial forms on the emotions and decisions of [their] users.

Rok powstania: 2020
installation. Courtesy of the artist.