The work shown at the exhibition is a visual essay – a collection of images referring to an individual in the process of transformation, as well as their desire and limitations associated with it. The scenes were shot between Warsaw and the artist’s hometown. Julia Minasiewicz understands this journey in terms of social identity; a road leading to, and back, from somewhere; a space of translation between the language what is familial and native, and what is acquired and “adult”, as well as a journey of symbolic capital that is constantly shaped by the space of work. The material recorded on camera during the journey corresponds to fragments of VHS recordings from the artist’s family archive, created during the 1990s economic boom.

Julia Minasiewicz


(b. 1998) – is a non-binary, LGBTQ rights activist, who uses masculine pronouns. He comes from Mińsk Mazowiecki and lives in Warsaw’s Praga district. The artist likes to design visions of the future community. He collaborated with Teatr Powszechny, Forum Przyszłości Kultury, Akcja Demokracja, and Krytyka Polityczna. In his spare time, he studies at the University of Warsaw.

Rok powstania: 2020
2020, looped video. Courtesy of the artist.