Yulia Krivich


(b. 1988) — visual artist and photographer. Krivich graduated from the State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Dnipro and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Media Art. Her work has been displayed at a solo exhibition at the Wrocław Contemporary Museum and at the Warsaw Biennale. She is a winner of the ShowOFF competition at the Krakow Photomonth Festival, a recipient of a scholarship from the National Center for Culture, a participant of “Pla(t)form” at Fotomuseum Winterthur, and a winner of the Pinchuk Art Center Prize (Kyiv). Krivich explores questions of identity in her work, and often operates in the public space (for example in the actions “In Ukraine” and “Letter”). She hosts the multilingual radio show “Sami SVOI” on Radio Kapitał. Krivich lives in Warsaw.