Live Together group

In the 12th edition of the WARSAW UNDER CONSTRUCTION festival, we explore cohousing approaches organized by people who are older or planning the next stage in their life.

The essence of cohousing is living communally while maintaining privacy. Cohousing is based on a combination of private spaces and spaces accessible to all residents of the community. Homes are organized around shared spaces like a dining room, garden or lounge. Residents are engaged in the life of the group, creating their own sort of village or clan. Cohousing spaces are usually established by friends who share a similar world view and age.

Cohousing is a novelty in Poland. There are not yet adequate legal solutions or financial instruments to enable people to organize in this way. It appears that popularization of this topic may lead to inclusion of cohousing in the new social and housing policy that must be adopted in light of the approaching demographic changes.


Weathering the Storms of Life
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